What is Switchme?

Switchme is FMS’s unique refinancing process designed to:

  • Provide a more streamlined mortgage refinance settlement.
  • Reduce settlement costs.
  • Improve conversion rates.
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience.

Switchme enables an 'unattended' refinance settlement to occur with FMS able to settle the loan within 24 hours of receiving completed mortgage and loan documents.

Benefits to the Lender and Broker

  • You can better manage your Customer expectations - certify and fund within days, NOT weeks!
  • You can experience improved conversion rates, stem leakage (withdrawn loans), and mitigate retention activity from the outgoing lender.
  • It can provide a genuine value proposition for your Customer, increased Customer satisfaction and a clear point of differentiation.
  • As the loan settles earlier Broker commission can be paid sooner.

Benefits to Customer

  • The Customer can leave their outgoing financial institution (“OFI”) much faster and enjoy the benefits of their new loan sooner.
  • Customer can access any additional funds, included as part of the refinance, sooner.
  • The Customer can start saving money earlier with a lower Lender interest rate.

Find out more

Only FMS accredited lenders can offer the Switchme service. If you are interested in implementing the Switchme program, please contact Chris Evans on (02) 8037 7411 or 0402 236 397 for more information.

Watch the Videos

Switchme full version

Switchme short version


Switchme Qualifying Calculator

Switchme Approved OFI List